The Process

For June,

my birthday month,

I’m sharing the process that I follow when creating art for product.

Here it is in a visual nutshell.

The LANG 2017 “She Who Sews” calendar and related product.

Available on their site now!


First, lots of sketches.

The mermaid was inspired by this cool antique, articulated fish needle case!

HandmaidsMermaidAHandmaidsMermaidCHandmaidsMermaidD HandmaidsMermaidE HandmaidsMermaidF

When I am satisfied, I transfer the final sketch to watercolor paper and render in ink.


Then I view on the computer to help decide on a color story.


Next, I go to paint.


After that it is scanned into the computer where the layout is refined.

At this stage I love to coordinate the image with encouraging verse content.


Finally, the really fun part, seeing it on product.


And who knows, maybe this could end up on fabric, eh?

You can watch for her later this summer at

Quilting Treasures!



8 thoughts on “The Process

  1. Janet, I love this. I really want a calendar next year!
    I love seeing your process. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I like your pencil holders. Nice that you can have them points up.
    I have nosey kitties and have to keep mine in a box 😛
    Happy Week-end <3♥️

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Have a very blessed and fun filled day. I LOVE everything that you do.

  3. Awesome. We love it. Kimberly

    Kimberlys Quilting and Sewing Sarver, PA >

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