Studio Update


new year


a new work space!

At last


is complete!!

1 year ago,

we were

insulated, waiting for drywall and

Still Seeking Light.


Time capsule.



Well, we found it.

Windows on every wall, eight skylights and two sets of French doors with connecting elliptical above each one.

At most times of the day, the room is flooded with a generous amount of natural light.

And I love it!!!

Builders on the project couldn’t understand the need for so many windows and I was questioned from every tradesman.

I stuck to my (never enough light) priority and it turned out to be the right decision, no question.

So, beginning 2018

Joy Studio

is completely finished, furnished and finally, ready for (hiding out) creative action.


Mini photo tour


As you enter:

The large Staircase Reclaim workbench:



Drawing/painting station one:


Drawing/painting station two:


Sewing station and supplies:

Large desk:

Everything maker, supply cabinet:

Coffee station:


Sitting, thinking, dreaming area:

It was a long, extremely tough journey but worth the effort.

Every time I enter the new studio space, I feel like a kid.


and still hard to believe.

Thanks for visiting.








26 thoughts on “Studio Update

  1. Truly, Joy Studio is the house that fabric built. A sincere thank you to all of the many makers, quilters, sewers and supporters that have encouraged, commented and followed me along the way. ~ Janet

  2. Janet, your studio is so beautiful. I adore it. I love all of the special pieces of furniture and inspirational treasures that are in this adorable studio.

  3. Congratulations on another dream come true; God is so good! I appreciate the baby steps I’ve been able to share with you and hope there are many more opportunities to collaborate in the future. Tuffet hugs, Sharyn

  4. …and your fabric is the what made my bedroom ‘pop!’ I love all the ideas and creativr folks who follow you. It’s rrally inspirational. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. That is truly your “happy place” and I can see many beautiful, creative things unfolding there! Happy New Year, from an admirer in Spanish Fork, UT!

  6. Absolutely Joyful! Everything about it is fabulous! I love all of the windows and the light! Happy creating!

    Cathy J ♥

  7. Beautiful! I love it! And so wonderfully well lit! It looks so inviting, I would love to see it in person!

  8. Love your new studio and you were so smart to put so many windows for natural light and being able to see the great outdoors. Inspiration fills every nook and cranny of this amazing space. Blessed 2018…<3

  9. Absolutely stunning! So much thought put into every space! Looks it was well worth the wait and Congratulations!!

  10. Oh Janet! What a fabulous place to let your artistic juice flow. How can you leave? It’s amazing, and you were so right to stick to what you wanted, those windows are a gift to your abilities…Love!

  11. The new studio is fabulous! Love seeing pictures of the morning light peeking thru. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to more of your wonderful designs! God bless!

  12. I am where you were, waiting for the electrical work to be completed in my craft studio. This new space will give me my own place to sew, oil paint, and create greeting cards for family and friends.

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